The founders of Longevity Sciences have led award winning companies in the natural health industry and have a true passion for it.  They realized however that practitioners and patients alike are looking for something new and for products that produce tangible, measurable results.

They also realized that they weren’t getting any younger and it was highly likely that others weren’t as well.  In fact the majority of us are in fact getting older and becoming increasingly concerned and arguably smarter about our health choices.

So they went on a quest to discover what the world offered as a solution to this aging epidemic.  They found a plethora of creams and lotions to smooth things out, surgeries to tuck and lift saggy parts, drugs being repurposed, or renamed rather, to appeal to aches and pains of aging body parts, biotech firms with drug based solutions yet to hit the market (if ever) and the science of in vitro tissue regeneration to grow organs to replace the ones worn out in your body.

Hmmm…coming from a natural approach to health the founders did not find these solutions encouraging or, to be honest, progressive.

And so the challenge began…

They decided to focus on where life itself begins…DNA.  Here they several epigenetic factors that affect how we age: telomere length, methylation patterns, Sirtuin longevity genes and senescent cells.  Keeping in line with the ability to measure results, these elements are easily measured and fit the model.  In addition, there are natural ingredients with abundant research evidence showing they have a positive impact on each!  So they expertly formulated two products, submitted them to Health Canada for approval have had these formulations approved.  The company has now launched to the market these two formulations: GenZogenol-R and Pricera.

A fantastic start but there was more.  Although they now had a basis to slow aging and increase life span, or more accurately health span, at the DNA level, what about the rest of the system and any pre existing conditions or predispositions related to aging.


They decided that one great product was a good start but it wasn’t enough.  They worked hard and came up with formulations that served the body’s pathways (a tree can have healthy roots but the nutrients have to travel to their destination) and addressed the prevention and treatment of the condition concerning the aging person.

And so they came up with a number of supplements to address HEALTHY AGING…we much prefer this term to anti aging.

Time to see what others think…

They reached out to a number of practitioners including a natural health pharmacist to get some opinions and perhaps form a medical advisory board….success!

They needed to raise some initial investment to get things going….success!  The investors, though laymen, easily understood the concept and got behind it.

They needed government approvals…success!  They pushed the envelope and got approved along with a government approved quality manufacturer.

They needed customers…success!  They restricted distribution to a localized group who are pleased with their first product and over 30% of sales are reorders.

So far so good, but what’s next….

They are going to expand to more practitioners and start adding more products.  They are going to build toward human clinical studies and maximize the potential of their concept.

They want to demonstrate how their concept is truly new and offers a simple and complete solution easily understood by doctors and patients alike.

They are also going to help the practitioner provide tangible, definable results to mark patient progress to motivate them to optimal health.

Integra is all about HEALTHY AGING and we believe it all starts at the DNA.