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The Combined Nootropic Benefits of “STACKING” PRICERA, GENZOGENOL & GENSOMA


The advantage of combining these formulations into a powerhouse for the brain and nervous system is not to justcompound the effect by overlapping the benefits of each for an additive effect. Each will work significantly on its own.By taking all three you are addressing the different causes of which the need of a nootropic solution [...]

The Combined Nootropic Benefits of “STACKING” PRICERA, GENZOGENOL & GENSOMA2023-11-12T17:35:11-05:00

ENZOGENOL® Pine Bark Extract From an A ncient R emedy to a N atural N eurotherapeutic


Introduction Human kind is facing increasing global health challenges through aging populations in many westerncountries, and through expanding westernization of life-styles and loss of traditional ways of living andeating. In many western societies like the US, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but also easternsocieties particularly China and India, chronic disease burden is on the [...]

ENZOGENOL® Pine Bark Extract From an A ncient R emedy to a N atural N eurotherapeutic2023-11-12T17:37:01-05:00

Comparing Pricera to NMN and NR


When you look at a comparison between PRICERA™ and NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) and NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) - Pricera comes out the clear winner! PRICERA™ clinically proven to outperform both NR* and NMN** PRICERA™ NR NMN Increases NAD+ ✔ ✔ ✔ Simultaneously increases ATP, NAD+, and GSH ✔ ✖ ✖ Utilizes the dominant pathway for NAD+ [...]

Comparing Pricera to NMN and NR2020-10-15T15:46:24-04:00

NAD+ Therapy: Significant Benefits for Parkinson’s


As you know, Parkinson's is a degenerative neurological condition with unknown etiology and with no known cure, although exposure to environmental toxins is a suspected contributing factor or alternatively an outright cause. Elevating NAD+ tissue levels, such as with our Pricera formulation have been shown as indicated in the following study to provide potential tremendous [...]

NAD+ Therapy: Significant Benefits for Parkinson’s2020-05-15T10:36:07-04:00

Pricera Testimonials


Pricera just became available last week, but already we are getting some very exciting testimonials back - Here are a couple: Liking Pricera :) Definitely boosting energy and focus. It's been ages since I got out in the evening for a bike ride just because I was so knackered. This changed within 2 days of [...]

Pricera Testimonials2020-05-10T10:33:12-04:00

GenZogenol activates many significant metabolic systems


A recent review of the published literature on the ingredients included in our flagship formulation, Enzogenol has shown that the ingredients activate many significant metabolic control systems: Foxo3 longevity genes Sirtuin longevity genes Healthspan extension (in rodent trials) Lifespan extension (in rodent trials) Autophagy CRM - Calorie Restriction Mimetic PPAR gamma - Diabesity Spectrum Nrf2 [...]

GenZogenol activates many significant metabolic systems2019-11-13T17:20:44-05:00



Many of us in the natural/integrative health space have always assumed that supplementation with probiotics is guaranteed to provide health benefits for pretty much anyone with little if any negative effects. With the growing awareness of the microbiome, it wouldn’t hurt to examine its relationship with probiotic use.  In fact, the concept of widespread [...]

HEALTHY AGING2019-09-06T07:15:06-04:00
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