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Integra Nutrition – Longevity Sciences is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and research to advance clinical nutritional modalities for healthy aging for practitioners and their patients. We work closely with our ingredient suppliers and practitioner board members to discover how we can best develop and utilize our formulations with proven protocols and to responsibly advance natural healthy aging science.

Our focus is to address the sources of aging at the DNA level. We then work outward toward the treatment and prevention of age related diseases along biochemical pathways to alleviate the factors directly associated with the disease or condition. At the DNA level we concentrate on several areas including telomeres, methylation patterns, the Sirtuin longevity genes and senescent cells. Telomeres are regions of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of our chromosomes that protect our genetic data and make it possible for cells to divide. As we age they shorten and compromise the integrity of the chromosome which is associated with aging and age related illness. This is often compared to the plastic tips on shoelaces that keep laces from fraying and unraveling.

Their length is a direct indicator of your biological age. Studies have shown that we can decrease the rate at which they shorten and there is evidence that we can actually lengthen telomeres. DNA methylation which is an epigenetic process by which methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule and typically act to repress gene transcription without changing the sequence.


Our approach is based on simply on three elements. Each element benefits the other as follows:

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