Stinging Nettle

StingingNettleHerbal Extract

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Suggested dose for adults: 1 teaspoon 2 times daily in water or juice on an empty stomach or as directed by
your health care practitioner.

Primary action: Stinging nettle is recommended for treating hay fever and through inhibition of DHT is indicated for benign prostatic hyperplasia. In Germany, Nettle has been approved for use in treating urinary tract infections, kidney stones and enlarged prostate. In ancient times, Stinging Nettle (also commonly known as Nettle) has been used for reducing congestion, controlling coughs and relieving asthma symptoms.

This product is a 1:1extract (100g per 100mL) of Stinging Nettle in a 100 mL base of 20% ethanol and 80% distilled water. Although more care is needed for proper extraction, the lower than normal alcohol content preserves the active ingredients.