Cal-Mag Esse-Min Capsules

CalMagCapsCalcium Magnesium Essential Mineral Complex with Vitamins C & D
240 caps/bottle  (Veggie Cap)

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Ingredients per 8 capsules/1 capsule:
Calcium Citrate (Elemental) 1000mg/125mg
Magnesium Citrate (Elemental) 500mg/62.5mg
Malic Acid 40mg/5mg
Citric Acid 40mg/5mg
Manganese Sulphate (Elemental) 10mg/1.25mg
Selenium (Elemental) 100mcg/12.5mcg
Zinc Citrate (Elemental)   20mg/2.5mg
Copper Sulphate (Elemental) 2mg/0.25mg
Boric Acid (Elemental Boron) 5mg/0.625mg
Sodium Metasilicate (Elemental Silicon) 20mg/2.5mg
Vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol) 400IU/50IU
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 300mg/37.5mg
Includes citric acid to increase absorption of calcium citrate

Suggested dose for adults: 4 capsules 2 times daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Primary action: This formula is to supply essential minerals for the body with emphasis on calcium and magnesium. It is formulated in such a way as to maximize its absorption and utilization.

Specifically for calcium, magnesium, and zinc, citrate has been shown to be an optimal chelating agent for the following reasons:

• It has been shown to optimize the absorption of these specific minerals
• It prevents the formation of kidney stones
• It is easily ionized
• It is almost completely utilized and degraded
• It has no toxicity

As an added benefit, approximately 95% of citrate, a Krebs cycle intermediate, is utilized for the production of energy with the remainder excreted in the urine.

Although a buffered vitamin C may be better tolerated than ascorbic acid, it can only reduce the absorption of minerals, which generally need a higher acid environment.  Studies show no significant difference in vitamin C absorption between buffered and regular vitamin C although blood levels were higher with regular ascorbic acid.

Vitamin D3 is well known for its ability to stimulate the absorption and utilization of calcium.

There are many indications for this formula, including the following:

• Osteoporosis • Cholesterol
• Immune
• Stress
• Arthritis
• Inflammation
• Fibromyalgia
• Hearing Loss
• Glaucoma • Fatigue