About Us

Integra Nutrition Inc. has been servicing the health care professional since 1997. Our mission is to provide products of uncompromising quality with unquestionable integrity.

In 2009 we were honoured to receive the first ever Supplier Award from the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.  We feel this award was earned through providing our clients the best service possible, a line of products that are second to none with regard to effectiveness and quality and our efforts to support our industry

As a company we have donated a substantial amount of products and funds to support schools, practitioners and their patients.  We initiated and still fund the Practice Management Program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine and offer New Grad incentives to help the next generation of practitioners realize the full potential of their vocation.

As of January 2016, Integra Nutrition has discontinued distributing the Alpha Science Laboratories line of professional nutritional products.  THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE DIRECTLY THROUGH ALPHA SCIENCE LABORATORIES AT WWW.ALPHASCIENCELABS.COM.

Integra Nutrition is working on it’s own line of products that are presently in development.  At this time we offer our non-stinging Magnesium Chloride Gel.

We truly care about and are proud to be a contributing member the natural health care industry.


Integra Mission Statement & Philosophy

Our Mission

To provide products of uncompromising quality with unquestionable integrity and be worthy of the trust patients place in our clients.

The following describes our philosophy and place with each factor in our industry.

Our Patient

Our patient is unique.  He has taken the responsibility for his own health and based on his principles, is motivated to educate himself toward his own best course of action and exercising his basic freedom of choice to do so.  Throughout, he has the conviction to fend off subtle and not so subtle criticism from health authorities, family and friends and has found our client, to whom he trusts his health and, ultimately, his life.  It is through their conviction that we test our integrity and realize our true purpose as a company and as individuals.  This type of heroic spirit deserves our very best.

Our Client

Our client is unique.  He is a healer with many gifts; intelligence, intuition, ambition and unlimited potential.  Manifesting this potential sets her apart from other practitioners and is guided by truth and compassion.  She believes that healing begins with the individual and dedicates her abilities to each patient as a separate, unique entity to discover the truth behind their illness.  It her compassion that our philosophy must embrace to help our clients realize their potential as true healers.

Our Company

We are unique.  As a company, Integra Nutrition Inc. continues to grow.  Although our growth may be measured in numbers, its measure will be determined as our contribution to truth.  Truth is the underlying principle that dictates our beliefs and our conviction to act on them.  Through integrity of product and service, we become worthy of and thereby honour our patient and client, who act on their beliefs to exercise their right to promote optimal health and personal health freedom.

Our Industry

The natural health care industry is unique.  As members, we are part of an enterprise that stands apart.  We do not accept what is given to us.  We take responsibility to find the truth.  We go beyond the path of least resistance and through perseverance, an open mind and strength to overcome criticism, find another way.  We value life.  We value truth.  Through both, we grow.  Through growth, we become valuable.